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CreditSights, Inc.
BondScore Reports

CreditSights is one of the world's leading independent fixed-income research providers. While their qualitative research is delivered via their subscription website, they needed a more robust platform to deliver BondScore--their premium, quantitative credit data.

CreditSights found that Excel is the best interface for delivering this data to their clients, enabling them to provide tools that are far richer than what can be accomplished in a browser. Consumers of BondScore data are very comfortable using Excel and can easily extend the scope of the analyses by pasting customized BondScore data into their own models.

BondScore Reports has grown substantially over the last few years as CreditSights has expanded their coverage and fine-tuned their models. Usage of the Excel-based BondScore Reports has far surpassed usage of the BondScore website as the undisputed platform of choice for BondScore customers.

BondScore Reports tools enable users to:


Estimate risk by combining a firm's fundamentals, market information and industry averages


Analyze "what-if" scenarios via the BondScore Calculator


Determine the Implied Spread for a given credit risk profile and bond structure


Analyze what the data predicts with NRV, CreditSights' market leading signal


Identify optimal relative value trades using industry- or universe-wide reports and criteria query filters


Manage credit risk across many portfolios




Technologies and Dev Tools Used: MS Office, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual Studio, .Net, SQL Server


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Last modified: 02/20/09